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The student ambassador role at Cameron College Prep is reserved for sixth grade scholars who have a commitment to demonstrating excellence and who take great pride in our school tradition, culture, and community. Ambassadors will often be the face and voice of the school for families and visitors who come to CCP and therefore they are expected to exemplify the Ethos.


1. Serve the CCP team and family by being professional and informative when guests are in our building or are in attendance at our community events.

2. Represent the CCP team and family with pride and enthusiasm for living out our Ethos.


  • Welcome families and community members to our school during school-wide events as well as when visitors enter classrooms.

  • Understand and can recite the CCP mission, vision, and Ethos.

  • Can explain the history of Cameron, its partnership with LEAD, and how we became Cameron College Prep.

  • Guide visitors through the school building in a professional manner and is comfortable talking to guests while showing them where to go. (Ex: parent night, elementary school visits, guest speakers and presenters, and any visitor here to see how our scholars learn.)

  • Can explain to a visitor what the day’s learning target is in each class they’ve attended and what they are currently working on in class.

  • Know the school alma mater song and participate when we gather together to sing it.

  • Give school building tours to guests and explain elements of our school culture found throughout the building.

For more information, contact Ms. Schumacher: