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About the High School Transition

Thank you for visiting the homepage for the high school transition. In September, LEAD Public Schools announced that LEAD Academy High School would be moving to Cameron, effective August of 2016. To read our press release about the move, please visit this link.

The move is the result of three key points:

1) the high school population has outgrown the capacity of its Heiman Street location;

2) the Cameron eighth-grade population will be able to seamlessly matriculate into the high school; and

3) the Cameron expansion is made possible because of a Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools-approved seat expansion for LEAD High School that allows for LEAD to service up to 400 more seats at the First Avenue location.

Please stay tuned to this page for updates about the project, including all letters/communications sent home to parents and the LEAD community. Should you have any questions about the high school transition project, please reach out to Jon Zlock, LEAD's director of communications, via email at

Letters Home about Portable Classrooms: